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All About CBD: Your Questions, Our Answers

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A White woman's hand is shown in shadow against a white wall.Back when life was less inhibited, I went to my friend Ashley’s apartment for a good old fashion hang sesh. We were dishing about life, and she mentioned her fondness of using CBD to aid in sleep and calm her anxiety. I was intrigued. I’d seen CBD at the Co-op, in gas stations, and in wellness centers. She sent me home with a handful of CBD oil capsules, and I gave it a try. While the effects at first were subtle, I did notice a difference.

Months later, I was excited to discover that daily use of CBD had arrested my IBS symptoms and helped me manage anxiety. Around this time, Alexis and I met while volunteering on a local neighborhood board. We soon discovered our shared affinity for CBD — along with the lack of affordable, local, organic products — Kursiv Organics was born.

Working with local farmers, we carefully procure the most refined cannabidiol oils on this side of the Mississippi. The majority of our product is farmed by a family based in Morgan, Minnesota. Starting a local CBD company involved a tremendous amount of research. While I knew CBD worked for me, I wanted to help educate others about how it may potentially work for them. The following is a list of the most common questions we receive regarding CBD and our own CBD products.


Let's start at the beginning. What is CBD, what is it made of and can it make it you "high?"

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of many compounds found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is different from the marijuana plant (read on for more information about this important distinction). Kursiv CBD offers both full-and broad-spectrum blends, meaning our products contain the other compounds found in the hemp plant, such as CBG, CBN, and CBC. Known as the “entourage effect,” keeping the CBD with all its entourage ensures it can be the most effective for you. When ingested, CBD has many benefits. And while it does comes from hemp plants, CBD doesn’t create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication. Generally, THC content in CBD is not significant enough to cause any intoxicating effects.



Does Kursiv’s CBD contain THC?

Kursiv’s CBD is derived from 100% agricultural hemp and naturally contains trace amounts of THC, under 0.3% by weight. Hemp and marijuana are different strains (genetic variants) of the cannabis Sativa plant.

If you’re looking for marijuana-derived CBD, you’d need to travel to a dispensary in a jurisdiction where such sales are legal (sorry).


What’s the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum tinctures?

In simplest terms, broad-spectrum CBD oil is essentially a more refined version of full-spectrum CBD oil. Because of this, any trace THC that full-spectrum blends have (although always under 0.3%) has been eradicated. The result is a super clean, smooth taste with all the same benefits. Some folks like the addition of THC, while others don’t miss it - it’s really about personal preference.


Can CBD be taken with other medications?

Specific medical questions should be directed to your medical provider.


How can I use Kursiv?

Our CBD can be taken under the tongue, topically, or added to food or drink. Our favorite way is under the tongue (sub-lingual) and holding it for approximately 30-60 seconds before swallowing. In concentrations of 500 mg and 1000 mg per 1 ml bottle, we recommend starting with .5 ml (half a dropper) and then adjusting up or down depending on your needs.

Please remember, we are not doctors, and these statements have not been medically-verified. Any questions about a specific medical need should be directed to your physician.



How does Kursiv ensure its products are safe and clean?

All vessels that the tincture is mixed in have been sanitized with ethanol and dried before use. Once the tincture has been mixed, samples are drawn for testing and are then sealed in an air-tight container until ready for bottling. Gloves and masks are worn throughout the entire process. Once packaged for shipping, we take care to use clean spaces and gloves and masks whenever possible.


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