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Back to Basics: My Toolkit for Authentic Self-Care

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Headshot of Alexis, a brown haired caucasian woman in a gray top, against a snowwy backgroundHi friends! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Alexis, co-founder of Kursiv Organics. February 2021, can you believe it? What a wild year it’s been. A year ago, Olivia and I were testing samples, pouring over color swatches, and putting the wheels in motion to make our dream of bringing accessible, genuine CBD to folks like you a reality. We had no idea what was in store both personally, professionally, and globally. We are so humbled for your ongoing support.

Olivia and I started Kursiv with a genuine desire to create and share an authentic tool for self-care. I have long had an interest in health and wellness, but I’ll be honest, it took me a long time to really understand what the term “self-care” meant for me. When I heard the term, I thought of jade rollers and face masks. I didn’t know that self-care could mean something more.

The pandemic and the ways in which it fundamentally shifted life created a heightened level of stress for me. With so much uncertainty about the health and safety of my friends and family, I felt out of control. I ended most days in tears, and my usual coping methods (see: wine) weren’t cutting it.

Despite my sparse self-care toolbox, I knew taking a dropper of Kursiv and a walk around the neighborhood lake felt good. So I started taking both. A lot. The simple act of moving my body and getting curious about the physical sensations in my body began to reveal the old wounds I was still carrying around. I knew I was ready to heal them.

While still very much on my self-care journey, I am proud of the renewed sense of self I have today. It wouldn’t have been possible without these 5 essentials of my self-care toolkit:


Sharing with someone I trust has allowed me to release the burden of old traumas I had been carrying around. Not sure if therapy is in your budget? Many therapy clinics operate as nonprofits and offer services on a sliding scale, and recovery groups around the world are free and widely accessible via In the Rooms.


I know, the internet is not usually a calming place. But I’ve found so many amazing resources on social media like @the.holistic.psycologist @yung_pueblo and @allbodieshealth who have broadened my knowledge of healing and body-positivity.

I always knew meditation exercise was good for me, but now I’m learning how to use breathwork and movement to heal emotional pains in my body. I practice ashtanga yoga twice a week, a moving meditation focused on breath. You can learn more about ashtanga yoga here from Twin Cities-based teacher Kristen Mansch.


Putting pen to paper helps me gather my thoughts and release them to the universe. When I write something down, I no longer have to carry it around. Currently, I am practicing gratitude journaling. The University of California Berkeley has a great article about how to start a gratitude journal. I always feel better when I’m conscious of what I’m grateful for.


Shameless plug alert. CBD and the family of cannabinoids are integral to calming my nervous system to allow my mind to quiet and my body to feel. My favorite blend is our THC Deluxe blend in Strawberry.


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