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Getting Started with CBD and Your Self-Care Routine

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Before Kursiv, I was overwhelmed by the CBD options available to me. I had analysis-paralysis purchasing my first CBD supplement at my local natural grocer. Although I had tried CBD and its cannabis cousin before, I wasn’t familiar with all these options. Aisles full of so many choices, it was enough to make me dizzy. 

Some of us try CBD because we want targeted pain relief without using narcotics. Some of us are experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression that is not responding to traditionally-prescribed modalities. And some of us simply want a way to experience relaxation in a safe, non-habit forming way. Whatever brings you here, you’ve come to the right place.

As you begin your journey with CBD, we wanted to offer some guidance on how to pick the right tincture blend for you. With Kursiv’s mix of selected flavors, concentration, and dosage (and more in development all the time!), you have just enough options to find what works for you without getting overwhelmed.


Kursiv currently offers bath salts and tincture oils. Edibles like gummies or supplements are convenient ways to consume CBD, but they aren’t the most effective because of the way our digestive system works. By taking a tincture, and holding the oil under the tongue for 60-90 seconds, we bypass the digestive system and allow our body to more quickly absorb the CBD oil.

Picking a flavor of tincture is sort of like picking out which pair of shoes to wear for the day -- it depends on what you need. We currently offer mint and strawberry, both of which are naturally-derived. Our mint blend is light and pepperminty, leaving a refreshing aftertaste and perfect for adding to teas, a steamy shower, or on the temples for pain relief. Our strawberry option is fruity and slightly sweet. It’s great for adding to a yogurt sundae, in a glass of iced tea, or an afternoon pick-me-up (or chill-you-out). Testing your preference with our sample sizes is a great way to explore both.

Stay tuned! Kursiv is currently working on edibles and new flavors that meet our high standard for quality, taste, and effectiveness.

CBD oil is produced by extracting, processing, and distilling oil from the agricultural hemp plant (different from the marijuana plant). The oil contains a profile of cannabinoids, including CBD. There are three different levels of distilling most commonly used in CBD products - full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

Full-spectrum blends contain the most amount of cannabinoids and are up to four times more effective than isolate or broad-spectrum blends. Kursiv currently offers three full-spectrum blends in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2250 mg in mint and strawberry. Each bottle is lab-tested and contains less than 0.3% of THC (by weight) per bottle. 

Broad-spectrum blends are further distilled to remove all amounts of THC. Our THC-Free 1000mg blend in strawberry contains no THC and is a great option for folks not comfortable consuming any amount of THC. You can find all our lab reports on the FAQs page on our website. Isolate blends are often synthetic and produced in a lab, and they offer the least amount of cannabinoids. That’s not our jam.

Picking the right potency for you depends on what you are trying to heal. If you are brand new to CBD, we recommend starting with the 1000 mg dosage (and our sample size is a great way to try it on!).

Everybody (and every body) reacts to CBD in its own unique way depending on its needs. Some folks experience an increase of energy while others feel deep relaxation. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD or its cousin cannabis, we recommend taking your first couple doses when you can be in a relaxed environment. Start .5 mL (a half-dropper of our full-sized bottle or approx. 2 droppers from our sample size). Place the oil under your tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds, and then...relax. Notice. Savor. Get curious. If you notice mild effects, try a full dropper or increase the consumption frequency. Or, reduce the amount or frequency if you need space. There’s no wrong way to take Kursiv. Every purchase comes with a handy dosage card for easy reference while you explore what works for you.

We love exploring new flavors and the convenience of edibles and are hard at work developing new, high-standard products. We love any feedback you have - stay tuned for more!

There is so much to consider with any supplement we add to our wellness ritual. It’s important to feel empowered, educated, and stay curious as you explore available options. We’ll continue to share posts here on our Resources page covering even more topics related to CBD to help you tailor CBD to your self-care needs. You are both the guide and the traveler on your self-care journey. 

Project CBD: One of our favorite and most trusted sources for CBD information founded by a team of science journalists who have long covered marijuana and hemp news, the information is timely, relevant, and (most importantly) fact-checked. 

Healthline: An online source for medical news ranging in topics, this site’s articles vetted and reviewed by medical professionals. 


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