A peaceful young woman in a bra top lays with her eyes closed near assorted glassware and fresh fruit on a blanket. Image by Jill Burrow.

Why I'm Participating in Dry January

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A peaceful young woman in a bra top lays with her eyes closed near assorted glassware and fresh fruit on a blanket. Image by Jill Burrow.


Hello! I’m Olivia, co-founder of Kursiv Organics and CBD oil enthusiast. I’m jazzed to be writing on our new “Resources” page to talk about why I’m participating in Dry January.

What is Dry January? Simply put, Dry January started as a public health campaign encouraging folks to abstain from alcohol for the month of January. While I’ve participated in Dry January’s in the past, this year feels different.

I’m someone who has managed an anxious disposition for a long, long time. In an effort to curb my anxiety I meditate, I exercise, I therapy, I eat well, I pursue a life of wellbeing. Often when I would drink it was an attempt to calm my nerves or quiet my anxious mind in a social setting. It didn’t dawn on me that the act of drinking (even conservatively) was aggravating the anxiety I was trying to quiet down. One day I was scrolling instagram and I read a quote from Laura McKowen that said, “Alcohol is like pouring gasoline on your anxiety.” I went on to read that “alcohol depletes nutrients that are necessary for making your serotonin and once the alcohol has been removed from the system we are left without or with critically low levels of B6 and zinc to boost serotonin. This is why people often wake up with hangovers that include anxiety or depression. The serotonin is missing.”

I was dumbfounded. My self-proclaimed “responsible” and “moderate” drinking was in fact messing with my anxiety level? It sure was. As time went on and I observed my drinking patterns I arrived at the personal realization that drinking wasn’t doing me any favors and it certainly wasn’t improving my health. As I’d also read: You don’t have to have a problem with alcohol for it to be a problem in your life.


And so began my dry journey. Sometimes my journey has led me to have a mocktail at a wedding instead of a cocktail. Other times I’ve had wine… and learned that too is okay. My path has included moderation, mindfulness and more recently, abstinence. Steps toward a healthier self are just that: steps. I stopped giving myself purity tests about my drinking (and wellbeing) and have learned to pay attention to patterns that feel healthy for me and work on following those patterns.

I’m proud to say I’ve been sober for nearly six months and am excited to be participating in Dry January 2021.

You may be wondering why a CBD oil enthusiast is talking about sobriety from alcohol. A major reason I became interested in CBD oil was the calming and soothing effect it has on my anxiety. I love reading about how CBD oil is being used to address anxiety in so many people and various studies that point toward CBD’s medicinal properties. Ultimately Kursiv Organics was born out of a desire to pursue wellbeing and health. We want to promote that lifestyle for ourselves and others and support one another in that pursuit.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my Dry Journey and why I’m excited to participate in Dry January. If you are interested in learning more about sobriety I suggest the following resources:



Sobriety Apps and Online Communities:

I’d love to hear from any of you about your own journey. Are any of you participating in Dry January? Is there another act of wellness that you’re finding beneficial?

Thanks again for reading. Wishing you peace and health in 2021.

With love,

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