A woman with the word femininity tattooed on her thigh walks on the beach in a pink coverup. Image by Ksu&Eli.

Supporting Women

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A woman with the word femininity tattooed on her thigh walks on the beach in a pink coverup. Image by Ksu&Eli.

Supporting women-owned business is about more than just a tag-line or a feel-good moment. Buying from women is one (small) way to support one of the many groups marginalized by the US capitol-political system. Women-owned businesses generate $1.7 trillion dollars of sales a year and employee 9 million workers (in addition to all their unpaid care labor. No wonder we’re so tired!). We literally carry the weight of the economy on our shoulders.

Only 27% of hemp  companies are run by women. Just 26% of all hemp retailers are women, and only 25% of all product-making companies (like Kursiv) are owned by women. And just 11% of all hemp-investing companies are run by women. Kursiv is very proud to among the company of these smart, creative people in our industry. (Note: These statistics are not intersectional. Many trans women, non-binary folx, and women of color’s experiences are not reflected in this data.)

A woman in a pink dress holds soft stems agains her leg in the golden light.


Headshot of Alexis and Olivia, founders of Kursiv.


View inside of an opening flower with striped petals of pink, white, and deep red.

Part of authentic self-care is a practice of mindful consumption. Mindful consumption means we breathe through the impulses to want, the constant comparison to others, and the remorse and guilt when we’ve indulged. Mindful consumption means buying from brands that reflect our beliefs and values. With so many hemp products available on the market today, Kursiv is humbled to be your pick.

When you buy from Kursiv, you’re buying from two 30 (-something) women running their own business. You’re buying from two women who donated 10% of all net sales in 2020 to local healing causes like The LoveLand Foundation and Black Table ArtsYou're supporting women on their journey of well-being and personal growth through the power of plants. And you’re buying from two women who are forever grateful for this journey.

Interested in learning more about women in business and the hemp industry, along with powerful reads on the importance of mindful buying, check out these articles cited:

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