A white Anthurium flower sits in a white cup on a white tray and is reflected in a round mirror in front of a tan wall. Image by Marina Podrez.

Warming Up to the Best You

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A white Anthurium flower sits in a white cup on a white tray and is reflected in a round mirror in front of a tan wall. Image by Marina Podrez.

The seasons are changing as winter begins to fade and nature starts to awaken. As the natural world begins to transform, it’s also a wonderful time for people to contemplate our own growth. Manifesting the person you want to be can be a challenge, but a few basic principles can help guide you to be the person you aspire to be.

And we do mean a physical stretch here! Your body is what carries you through life. Treat it well by exercising, even a little bit goes a long way. From your heart to your bones, exercise helps keep your body in shape and in peak condition, whether its light stretching at your desk or hitting the gym. Sometimes exercise is intimidating because it leaves us sore. We’ve got you covered with soothing lavender and cooling methanol recovery cream, so you can be gentle with your body, even as you push yourself to new heights.
As an added bonus, regular exercise also leaves you feeling more energized. You can give energy to something that gives energy back!

Speaking of energy, keep yours positive with meditation. A few minutes every day of deep breathing while clearing your mind can have huge short and longterm impacts. Meditation reduces stress and allows for better focus. For an even greater impact, you can blend meditation with aromatherapy. Scented salves and oils paired with meditation have been shown to greatly reduce stress and improve memory. You can use scents like lavender to soothe or mint to reinvigorate yourself.


What you put in your body can impact your mood just as much as what you put in your head. When we’re hungry, concentration becomes difficult and our mood can start to swing. Make sure when you plan your day you schedule in not just your daily meals but light snacks too. Low salt snacks like yogurt can be a great way to keep you powered through the day. As an added treat, you can add strawberry or mint CBD oil to give a flavor boost and reduce stress.

We love exploring new flavors and the convenience of edibles and are hard at work developing new, high-standard products. We love any feedback you have - stay tuned for more!

There is so much to consider with any supplement we add to our wellness ritual. It’s important to feel empowered, educated, and stay curious as you explore available options. We’ll continue to share posts here on our Resources page covering even more topics related to CBD to help you tailor CBD to your self-care needs. You are both the guide and the traveler on your self-care journey.


Routines are great, but too much of the same can leave us under-stimulated. Something as simple as taking a different route to or from work can help improve your mood. For best results, try a walk outside. Getting in touch with nature leaves us feeling more connected to the larger world and less overwhelmed. It’s that principle that underlines our commitment to totally organic products. We live our best lives when we’re in harmony with nature. Growth is exciting, and a little scary, but committing to being your best self is always a worthwhile investment.


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