Inspired to bring organic CBD products to customers across the country, Kursiv is lab tested, 100% broad and full-spectrum, non-GMO, pesticide-free and delightfully organic products. Adding Kursiv to your daily routine packs a powerful punch to strengthen anyone’s self-care toolkit. 


We carefully procure the finest cannabidiol oils. Kursiv products are non-GMO, pesticide-free and delightfully organic CBD. The beauty of Kursiv CBD is that it’s all-natural, and the ways it can be used are limited only by our imaginations.


Working with local farmers, our CBD is grown under the northern lights of Minnesota skies. The farming techniques used are all-natural and contain zero harmful chemicals.


We offer full-and broad-spectrum blends, meaning our products contain the other compounds found in the hemp plant, such as CBG, CBN, and CBC. Keeping the CBD with all its entourage ensures the most effective blend for you.

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Kursiv is dedicated to the practice of self-care, mindfulness, and embracing a slower pace. In response to the demand for woman sourced, budget-friendly, locally sourced, and organic choices, Kursiv Organics was founded by Olivia.

When you buy from Kursiv, you’re buying from a woman-owned and operated company who support and donate to other women, BIPOC, and community-run organizations. Part of authentic self-care is a practice of mindful consumption and buying from brands that reflect your beliefs and values. With so many hemp products available on the market today, Kursiv is humbled to be your pick.


Have questions about CBD or how to use our products? We have you covered. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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